Halle Berry and 49 Other Celebrities Who Have Remained Gorgeous as Ever Over the Years

You know as well as we do that not every famous actor, musician, or television personality can stand the test of time. A lot of them end up fading into obscurity. That is why we’re impressed that people like Halle Berry and Heather Thomas have created a lasting legacy in their chosen fields.

Whether they’re working on a new project or have embraced retirement, these personalities remind us of the talent and drive that helped them rise to the top. So here’s your chance to learn about the timeless beauties who’ve been your greatest inspiration. Who knows, you may even pick up a beauty tip or two.

Sigourney Weaver (72) – Aliens

Sigourney Weaver is an American actress best known for some of the best sci-fi movies of all time, like “Aliens,” “Avatar,” and “Ghostbusters.” Her widespread influence over the science fiction community is proof of her artistic genius. Decades after making her debut, and with over 80 titles in her filmography, Weaver remains dedicated to each on-screen persona.

We’ve also become accustomed to seeing her in roles that transcend the films she stars in. And while it’s no surprise that she cut an impressive figure in the 2022 “Ghostbusters: Afterlife,” we can’t help but wonder the secret behind her ageless beauty…


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